Teacher’s reward meal, in appreciation for all the hard work they have done and are doing!

Teacher testimonials…..:D

”Great food and company. Everything was excellently prepared and service was very efficient” (Mr McClelland)

”Sublime, succulent and superb service with a smile!” (Mrs Brown)

”The festive décor was a delight to behold warming the soul and a great set up for what was to become.  Every course was an exciting adventure I especially liked the soup.  The service, the effort and the ambience was top rate – it made me very proud to think that the 7 little munchkins all exited in their first art lesson 7 years ago have become such mature and reputable young people with a great future in front of them. ” (Mrs Dougan)

”AMAZING dinner….Thanks for all your hard work and effort” (Mrs Lynch)

”On Monday 12/12/16 at the end of school we made our way to VC1, transformed to a beautiful dining experience to partake of a festive feast prepared by the students of Year 13 for the delectation of the staff.  A delightful time was had by all.  The five courses were tasty and beautifully presented.  We left replete having had a really good time.” (Mrs George)

Hosted by the current Year 13’s!