The Navan Centre

Primary went on a school trip to the Navan centre on Thursday 29th September 2016. We joined up with Newry to make it more fun.  We learnt lots about the Celts. We went up to a real-life round house and found out about their life. It was very interesting!  There was a weaver, a blacksmith and a chief.  After that, we went back to the building and made our own shields and guessed some old objects and decided what period of time they were from. It was a great day!


  • They used animal skins for carpets.
  • They wore dark blue to scare their enemies away.
  • The more cattle you had the wealthier you were.
  • They used the fire to keep the meat preserved and to smoke the cheese. 
  • The Celts are telling us about their life.

By Karine McMullan