On Wednesday 13th September, years 5 and 6 visited the Seamus Heaney Centre with Miss Doogan, and Mr Carlisle. They set off at 10 am traveling just a few miles down the road to the Centre. Below is one of the pupil’s memories of the day.

“When we got there our tour guides Rebecca and Claire gave us our audio bands through which we could hear Seamus Heaney reciting his poems. Our tour guides told us lots of facts about Seamus and his poems. She told us that he wrote about 700 poems and about 500 of these have been published. He won the Nobel Prize when he was 56, but by the age of only 27 he had become famous for winning the Scholarship Prize, after only 8 years of writing poems. His favourite poem was ‘Peeling Potatoes’ which he wrote about his mother. We also found out that Seamus not only wrote poems but he also wrote 2 play scripts.

It was a great day and I even got to sit at Seamus Heaney’s desk that he used at school!”

Morgan Glass