On Wednesday 1-3-17, Y5/6 went to Butlers Chocolate Factory in Dublin. Newry campus also joined us for the day.

Firstly we were given hair nets and white coats. This was quite uncomfortable but it was very important that we wore them for hygiene reasons.


After we were fully kitted out we made our way to the theatre to watch a documentary about the history of chocolate. We found out about how important the Mayan’s were to the chocolate industry.

Then we made our way to the balcony overlooking the factory floor. We watched every process involved in making Butlers Chocolates. Various machines were pointed out to us by the guide.


One machine that caught our eye was the robotic packing machine which put chocolates into boxes really quickly.

We were surprised to learn that most of the work was completed by hand. We were taken to Butlers Chocolate Museum were we completed a quiz all about our topic which we are studying in class.


Lastly we got the opportunity to decorate and package milk chocolate elephants with melted white chocolate. Throughout the day we sampled various chocolates such as truffles, toffee, fudge and hot chocolate drinks.

Thank you to Mr and Mrs Carlisle, Chloe Glass and Miss Doogan for supervising us.   It was a fantastic day.