At Knockloughrim there is a House Point System which is in line with the national Focus system.

How to Earn House Points:

  • Lessons – 10 per lesson with 5-10 points to be added or deducted for behaviour, attitude to learning, quality of work, etc.
  • Attendance – 100 additional points for full 1/2 term attendance, 250 for full year attendance
  • Weekly recognition postcards – 20 additional house points per pupil
  • Pupil of the month – 50 additional house points per pupil per subject
  • Head Teacher’s award – 200 house points per pupil
  • House matches – 250 points for a win, 100 for a draw
  • One-off events – points to be determined depending on the nature of the event – eg. House Quiz, Collecting Coppers, Sport Relief, School Debate etc.