Please see teams below and their party leaders. Please come up with your own names.

The criteria which you must meet can also be found below.

Warriors Troopers Raiders

Student First Party

Russell McMullan (PL)

Emmeline White (PL)

Harry Jones

Denver Carlisle

Lincoln McMullan

Aoife McCormick

Nadina Walker

Lisa McMullan

Aaron Patton


Banana Party

Alf Walker (PL)

Carmen McMullan (PL)

Anya Carless

Weston Munster

Yolanda Carless

Aidan White

Darby Carlisle

Guy Walker

Shannon Layton


Thomas’s Progress Party

Jayden Parsons (PL)

Molly Carless (PL)

Coralie Glass

Annika Layton

Tory Parsons

Levi Carless

Freddie Peel

Rhianna Layton

Fraser Lyons

PIE Party

Sean White (PL)

Bethany Palmer (PL)

Cavan Layton

Lorenzo Peel

Austin Hughes

Amber White

Jolene Walker

Jarl Porter

Manny Peel


Self-Directed Learning Party

Eamon Carless (PL)

Harriet White (PL)

Isla McCormick

Denbeigh White

Tara White

Barry Glass

Jacob Lumb

Kinvara McCormick

Rhondda Carless


Radical Raiders Party

Jodie Walker (PL)

Vern Walker (PL)

Stacey Patterson

Ketziah Robb

Jack Walker

Garvan White

Yasmin Parsons

Tim White

Ronan White