On the 24th October the world was shocked as PM Sweeney announced he would call a snap election to try and gain more seats in Knockminster. Election Day was scheduled for the 13th November and boyso…. what a startling day it was!

Campaign week began and slowly each party’s posters, banners and videos began to emerge. Each party came up with their own unique methods to try to persuade voters. Throughout the week the RRU press team hosted interviews with party leaders, political pundits and even the Prime Minister himself who appeared to be losing grip on the election with campaign inactivity. Scenes of violence nearly broke out on a number of occasions as supporters of certain parties tried to deface other parties’ posters. Thankfully the TSNI (teachers’ service of Northern Ireland) was on hand to bring stability to the region where this violence was occurring.

Election Day began with parties preparing their final campaign chance which was a presentation to all voters on why they should be elected at 23 Rocktown Road. The parties then presented their ideas brilliantly to the voters who were left wondering – who should I vote for?

Votes were then cast at the various polling stations across the region and totaled up together. Reports of foreign interference with the election were there from the start however no instances of this occurred. Congratulations to the North Knock-minster polling station for breaking the local record of how fast they could count the votes! Mr Bucannon, the MLA for Mid Ulster was on hand to announce the results. As the noise and tension in the hall increased (with nail-biting and knocking knees) he announced the winners….



A massive well done to the Radical Raiders party who left the Banana and PIE Party (leaders from the exit poll) stunned after a surprise result from Knock-minster. Mr Bucannon poured the oil on troubled political waters after, as he spoke to us about the various things he does as an MLA in Northern Ireland.

Political drama at 23 Rocktown Road indeed – A great day that was thoroughly enjoyed by all involved. A big thank you to Mr Bucannon for coming and to the 6th Form Events and Website team for organising of the event.

(It turns out the Radical Raiders Party was impeached by the Trust within 5 Minutes of gaining power and PM Sweeney returned to power!)

Jarl Porter