13 Jan

  • By rwhite

On Wednesday 11th January, the Knockloughrim 6th formers joined up with the Newry Campus on a Trip to BE Aerospace, Kilkeel. This was arranged by out Business Studies teachers and gave us a really good insight into the company.

BE aerospace, is a world leading organisation manufacturing the interior of airplanes from public airliners such as Air France and Quantas to VIP business jet fit-outs. (See the below link.) Once split into groups we were given a guided tour around the production floor where aircraft seats were being made. High quality and efficiency if core to the smooth running of the business, and it was impressive to see the employees have pride in their work. BE aerospace is soon to merge with a similar company Rockwell in America, which will give the company an astounding global presence. We concluded the day with the interns taking about their careers within the business and what they hope to achieve in their future years.

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Thank-you BE Aerospace!