27 Oct

  • By Alf Walker

On Thursday 19th October, the GCSE Geography students from Newry and Knockloughrim Campuses went on a human field trip as part of their course.

We began the day at the Magilligan field centre where we were given an hour long brief by Natalie McLucas, who had organised our trip to Coleraine. The lesson at the centre informed us of the day’s events and other elements such as the hypotheses we were exploring and other geographical context.

We split into 7 groups of 4 pupils and set off in our buses, our first stop being the Riverside Retail park, which is a retail centre just outside Coleraine. It held shops such as Sainsbury’s, B&M bargains, B&Q, Pets at home and poundstrecher – shops that would attract a majority of people from that area. We conducted a land use survey which consisted of us looking at buildings and putting their uses onto a map, in 7 different categories (financial, retail, convenience etc.). We also carried out a pedestrian count in which we tallied the amount of people that walked past us in a 5 minute slot. During this we also carried out a number of questionnaires, finding out how far people had travelled to come to the retail park, and their means of travelling. This took around 1 hour to complete.

We then went back to the buses and ate our lunch before heading into Coleraine town centre to carry out pedestrian counts, land use surveys and questionnaire once more! The reason for doing this was to see the difference in the numbers of people.

It was an enjoyable day out, and thanks to all the supervisors for their help with driving buses etc.! 🙂

Carmen McMullan


Please see pictures below.