14 Sep

  • By Alf Walker

Since the start of the year, Knockloughrim Campus has welcomed new technology to help students in their learning, particularly the sixth-form students at current. All sixth form students have received training on Zoom, Canvas and Kerboodle.

Zoom is a company that provides video and web conferencing and this is being used by students on their individual laptops so that they can be taught by teachers from other campuses, or enable our teachers to teach students elsewhere. The benefit of this compared to the traditional Virtual Classroom is that it can enable more one-to-one for students with their teachers and it helps students interact more easily if they have to work together on a task. Zoom can also be used if all the  VC units are in use.

Canvas is the new Oneschool platform through which teachers can set assignments and tasks and students can access videos and other resources relevant to the courses and topics they are studying. It is truly a great tool that is helping to make teaching more efficient and more accessible for both students and teachers.

Finally, Kerboodle is a digital teaching and learning service which students can access online at school or at home. Teachers can set tasks and assignments which students can then submit for teachers to mark. Kerboodle also has a digital textbook which can be used instead of a printed version.

Mrs McMurray is now our VC coach for the school and is doing a great job organising all VC lessons, classrooms etc. Many thanks for her huge input into this virtual learning.

The Website Team.