25 Mar

  • By rwhite


Knockloughrim Campus

Quel succès!!!

Newry and Knockloughrim Campus enjoyed this year’s Language day. We started off with a fabulous French Troop who immersed us in the language and who kept us entertained throughout. It was a funny story about a man in quest of a special gift. They made us all laugh, dance and speak in French.

9 of our students’ made a guest appearance in the play. Jacob Lumb, Ebony Watson, Sean White, Roxanne Spencer, Yasmin Parsons, Calvin Joynt, Carmen McMullan, Harvey Dore and Jarl Porter put on their best accent and contributed in the script. Little did they know that they would have to exercise or dance. But they all performed very well.

We closed the day with our own home-made performance where Newry and Knockloughrim Year groups showed us that “La France a un Incroyable Talent”: France has got talent.

Primary:             Les Comptines françaises  – musical performance on the recorder

Year 7:                 le village des Schtroumpfs – the Smirf’s Village

Year 8:                 Astérix et Obélix rendent visite à Tintin – What happens when Asterix meets Tintin

Year 9:                 Des vacances à Paris – Rap off on a Holiday trip

Year 10:              Cette Année-là – singing and dancing performance

The Day was hosted by 4 very special presenters: our AS French students Alfie Walker, Jodie Walker, Shannon Layton and Shanna McMullan. Year 11s were our judging panel and were given the hard task of choosing our winners. We cannot wait for the results!

The Canteen was changed into a beautiful French Theatre with the help of our 6th formers and Year 10s . All the help from staff and tremendous input from the students have made this year’s Language Day one to remember!

It was a pleasure to have Newry Campus (Years7-10) with us for the Day.

Mille Merci à tous!

Madame McMurray

(See Gallery for photographs)