31 Mar

  • By rwhite

Here at Knockloughrim our aim was to celebrate Science across the curriculum. We downloaded the ‘Science Pack’ and started thinking how we could incorporate as many subjects into the activities as possible.

We managed to include all of the following plus every morning in registration each form class completed a challenge. This included some brain teasers to wake us up in the mornings

Food & Nutrition – The Chemistry Of Cakes    

All the Primary and Key Stage 3 students explored how different ingredients affect the outcome of making cakes. Best bit we got to eat them all at the end and earn house points for our teams. Oh and we did learn that different ingredients all play a part by reacting with each other to carry out different processes during the baking of the cakes

French – Obleck Slime…Quel Catastrophe !

Year 9 investigated the properties of corn flour … is it a solid or a liquid ? We’re still not sure but it really helped us improve our French vocabulary as we had to put forward our ideas in French using the correct verbs and adjectives to express our ideas. In fact many of the teachers and 6th form got involved as they couldn’t resist the opportunity to delve into the strange mixture

Primary Science – Flowers To Dye For

The students are currently working on an SDL project … is it alive ? So they investigated what happened to cut flowers when placed in different coloured water … wow what a surprise ! They are now going to research how plants use water. Guess they must be alive!